Fairways Guest House in Cambridge - Covid-19 Policy

Updated 20-11-2023

We are still Keeping our Guests Safe

We are all currently experiencing some very unusual times, but that doesn't have to stop you from feeling safe while staying away from your home, be it for business or pleasure. We take strong precautions to ensure all our customers remain as safe as possible from covid-19.
If you are experiencing any symptoms of covid-19, such as high temperature, a new continuous cough, or smell or taste, please do not enter our guest house. Instead, telephone to cancel or re-arrange your booking.

If You Experience Covid Symptoms During your Stay

We will ask you to return home if possible without causing too much inconvenience to you or others to self-isolate.

Cleaning Guest Rooms on Departure
We still fog to sanitise the rooms after every checkout to eliminate the chance of any transmission. After fogging, all rooms are then thoroughly ventilated and cleaned. Staff wear PPE to carry out cleaning.
Hand Sanitising
In guest rooms, there will be plenty of soap available for washing your hands and clean towels. We have installed hand gel dispensers inside the main entrance and throughout the guest house. There is clear signage above each dispenser.
Cleaning Public Areas
All public areas will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day, paying particular attention to frequently touched areas.
Taking Payments
We are only taking card payments. Payments are to be made when you book online or over the telephone.
Key and Departure
Checkout time is 10.00 am. After checkout, we sanitise keys by placing them in boiling water. On departure, please leave any room keys in the drop box located in the reception area.

Thank you for taking the time to read our keeping your safe Policy.

Hygiene Sanitising

ULV 50 fog Machine

The ULV 50 Fogger is designed to disinfect and sanitise care homes, hotels, food plants, offices, and classrooms.
After researching the best way of keeping guests and visitors safe and having asked the professionals, we thought fogging is an effective tool to sanitise all guesthouse areas. We will also carry out enhanced cleaning, paying particular attention to areas with frequent touch.
The ULV 50 fogging machine offers another layer of protection for public areas, guest rooms, hallways and bathrooms.